Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bombgurl Cover Page

This is the cover page for the book.

Page 1

In a little town of quite sleepers and rainbow and sunshine dreamers, there stood a grassy mound and on this mound was a tall lush and green tree. This mound looked over the town on one side and a park and school on the other. It was the perfect place to share a sandwich and juice and dream about eating ice cream and chocolate mousse.

page 2

That night under a starry sky the little town slept to the sound of croaking frogs and cricket bows.Then all of a sudden the silence was broken by the sound of a BOOM so loud that everything shook and then stood still. The silence afterwards was almost as loud and the Boom. As the smoke filled the air the you could see that the tree and the mound were left bare.

Page 3

Through the smoke an amazing sight could be seen. A little girl born from ash and smelling of soot sleeping in a pram. Bombgurl naps.

Page 4

As morning came Bombgurl woke and looked around. Oh she loved her mound and tree. "This will do just fine for me, what a mound, what a view. I can see a school and a park that I can play in too." she said. The townsfolk peeked and peered at the dirty girl on the ashy mound and thought it was very strange. Remembering the loud sound last night they told their children to stay aways from the girl and the mound.

Page 5

Oh but there was one who was not shook by the loud sound or smokey mound, Grenade Boy who woke up everday with a sly snicker. He saw and heard the ado that night and excitement stirred in his belly. Oh what trouble I feel is in the making with all this earth shaking. Grenade Boy marched to school with his wagon of fun. All the boys and girls stayed away from him and his wagon of things.

Page 6

Bombgurl looked down from her mound and saw all the boys and girls going to school, so she went too. The school room was small and oddly quiet that first day. Bombgurl smiled and nodded to everyone. To her disappointment and surprize she did not get a reply. In the class there were two neat rows one ending with Bombgurl and the other ending with Grenade Boy. All the kids sat up straight with their eyes to the front. This pleased the teacher to have all their perfect attention, knowing they were all too scared to look to the back of the class. The teacher loved the presence of the two odd children. Every lesson went by perfectly and the children were so well behaved.

Page 7

Everday afterschool Bombgurl would sit on her mound and play with her toy of delight; a ducky on wheels and a bomb too you can see. Oh this toy duck was a fast duck, her best friend, she called it LUCK.

Page 8

One day after school as Bombgurl played on her mound, she looked down at the park and saw all the children running and playing. Bombgurl decided to go to the park. Pram in hand, Luck in tow Bombgurl felt she could not ask for more. "All I ask if I could would be just one friend to play with me. I would love to throw my bomb today and run and play."she said with a smile.

Page 9

When Bomgurl got to the park it was empty, not a child to been seen. This made Bombgurl very sad and lonely and she thought "Maybe tomorrow someone will want to play with me."

Page 10

One day the teacher announced that the next day will be 'Show and Tell'. "Bring something to show and share," she said. All the children smiled and thought excitedly about what toy or doll they should bring. Then next day Bombgurl brought her Bomb and Pram to 'Show and Tell'.

Page 11

Play with me she would plea in the yard at recess time. She wanted to show here wares but Bomb and Pram were too scary. None of the kids wanted to be blown to bits.

Page 12

Poor Bombgurl, sat and stewed, not amused. "Why are they so mean?" she pouted. "I even gave my Bomb and Pram a good clean." There was not much else for her to do but sit and fume. Bombgurl felt friendless and doomed.

Page 13

Mind you she giggled with glee her best toy of all, that you could not see, 'Luck the duck.' Oh that she hid in the tree on the mound away from all these ungrateful kids. "They can't see Luck who is so special to me. Mine all mine the fastest toy duck that can stop on a dime."

page 14

When she got back to her tree on the mound her head was down. "This 'Show and Tell' was no fun for me," she said. Then she looked up in her tree and Luck was gone. Her fast toy duck was nowhere to be found. Her chin made a wiggle and big frown appeared; her eyes filled with water and she started to cry. That night the pram shook and inside a lonely Bombgurls was curled up shuddering and crying.

page 15

That night a black bird appeared in the tree. "Black bird black bird what do you see?" "I see Bombgurl as sad as can be."

Page 16

That moring she dried her cheeks. "I will find my Toy duck Luck today," she said and then she marched off to school.

Page 17

That day at school she noticed something odd, Grenade Boy, whom she ignored like all the other girls, was looking at her and giggling. With her eyes blazing she thought, "I know he has my toy duck, Luck." She sat back and ignored all the snickering and fussing he did that day. Then she said to herself, "I need to think this through. I know what I will do, I will follow him home and see what he will do."

Page 18

After school she did just that. she went to his house and gave the door a tap, tap, tap. Grenade Boy could see through the peephole in the door Bombgurl smoking and fuming outside. With a big grin and a little giggle he opened the door. "Where is my toy duck Luck?" she demanded to know, "I know you have it so don't try to be smart, meet me at the park after dark." Before Grenade Boy could reply she walked off with smoke trailing behind her.


I would like to introduce you to a little gurl I created a few years ago, Bombgurl, here is a look at the first few pages of my book and the world I gave her. The book has 30 color pages with text and tells about the sudden arrival of Bombgurl and her adjustments to her new surroundings. The book is dark yet playful and she is hard not to fall in love with.
I have been selling out of the images of bombgurl for two years now. I sell originals, framed prints, pins and magnets of her at local markets, festivals and on the streets of Halifax and Toronto. She has created a large following who are eager for the book to find a publisher.
A link to an article about Bombgurl published in The Coast Weekly is on the right.